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2017 Immigration Law Conference Papers

Keynote - Developments in Judicial Review Affecting Migration (Justice Griffiths)



Day 1

Showcase 1 - Foreign Workers: Employer obligations, sanctions, penalties and broader legal perspectives

Paper (Phillip Yip)

Presentation (Phillip Yip)

Breakout 1A - Refugee law developments

Presentation (Ali Mojtahedi and Kerry Murphy)

Breakout 1B - Changing notions of citizenship

Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance To Australia) Bill 2015 (CTH), Irving & Thwaites, 2015, 26 PLR 137

Showcase 2 - Approaches to decision-making in the immigration portfolio: from computers to humans to merits review hearings

Presentation (Carina Ford)

Presentation (Nick Poynder)

Presentation (Roz Germov)

Presentation (Tania Wilson)

Breakout 2A - Family Violence in the immigration law context: update and emerging issues


Presentation (Katherine Hooper)

Presentation (Xanthe Emery)

Breakout 2B - The Health Criteria: Assessments, challenging validity and complex issues

Paper (Peter Bollard)

Presentation (Jan Gothard)

Showcase 3 - The family - a fundamental unit of society? Changing priorities and complex issues

Paper (Anna Parker)

Presentation (Paul Doolan)

Presentation (Sanmati Verma)

Breakout 3A - Judicial Review Workshop


Breakout 3B - Workshop for Refugee Advocates


Day 2

Showcase 4 - Judicial review: emerging trends & themes

Paper (Geoffrey Kennett SC)

Paper (Brenda Tronson)

Paper (Adam McBeth)

Presentation (Adam McBeth)

Breakout 4A - Migration Act - Criminal Law insights, offences & prosecutions

Presentation (Andrea Pavleka)

Breakout 4B - Recent developments & hot topics

Paper (Lena Hung)

Presentation (Lena Hung)

Presentation (Rowena Irish)

Showcase 5 - Accountability mechanisms beyond merits review & jurisdictional error

Paper (Min Guo)

Presentation (Dominique Hogan-Doran SC)

Presentation (Professor George Newhouse)

Breakout 5A - The future economy: Innovation, entrepreneur visas & self-sponsorship


Breakout 5B - New Law: Leveraging the media to influence the immigration agenda and secure favourable client outcomes



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