Law Council of Australia

Access to Justice

Access to Justice

Access to justice is a key tenet of the rule of law. The Law Council therefore believes that all Australians have a fundamental right to access to legal advice and services, regardless of their means, and considers that the justice system becomes meaningless if there are barriers that prevent people from enforcing their rights. True equality requires that all these barriers – financial, social and cultural – be removed for all Australians. The legal assistance system is critical in overcoming these barriers. Ensuring access to justice for the economically and socially disadvantaged members of our community is the responsibility of all governments.

The Law Council’s work in this area focuses on:

  • legal aid funding policies;
  • access to justice issues for Indigenous people;
  • access to justice for those in regional, rural and remote areas;
  • a review of international opportunities to develop the Law Council's access to justice policies and work;
  • conducting a biennial National Access to Justice and Pro Bono Conference;
  • pro bono issues, including international pro bono work; and
  • developing Law Council policy and responding to inquiries on all matters relating to access to justice and pro bono legal work.