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Law Council of Australia

Policy Agenda

The Lawyer Project Report

Throughout 2021, the Law Council has considered the critical role of the Australian legal profession in contributing to the social, economic and political health of the nation. The Lawyer Project is culmination of this exercise and seeks to highlight the value of the legal profession and the differences it makes each day to its clients and to the broader community.

A key objective of the Lawyer Project is to increase public awareness of the role of the legal profession, in particular the beneficial contribution of the profession to the community through supporting trade and commerce, promoting certainty and the rule of law, and empowering individuals and civil society. It does so by examining:

The Lawyer Project draws on existing literature, analysis and case studies to illustrate the importance of the Australian legal profession and demonstrate, for the benefit of the Australian public, the often ‘hidden’ contribution that lawyers make to society through an economic, social and political lens.


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