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Law Council of Australia


A fresh take: Supporting lawyers in regional, rural and remote communities

Speech delivered by Dr Jacoba Brasch QC, President, Law Council of Australia at the launch of the LCA’s RRR National Strategic Plan, Cooma Court House, 9 March 2021.

"...RRR communities are diverse and dynamic, and the kinds of legal needs experienced within and between them vary – from, say, water rights allocation, to environment and planning restrictions, to farm succession planning (something I am all too familiar with as a family law lawyer when things go wrong) and laws which have special relevance to Indigenous people.

And yet data indicates that only 10.5 per cent of the country’s solicitors practise in a country or rural area– servicing the 7 million - or close to 30 per cent of Australians who live in RRR areas..."

You can read the full speech below.


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