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Law Council of Australia


Appointments to Australia’s courts and tribunals

19 December 2022

The Law Council of Australia commends the Australian Government for continuing to prioritise appointments to the nation’s courts and tribunals and striving for greater transparency in the judicial appointments process.

“Our justice system must be properly resourced in order to ensure access for all Australians and timely resolution of matters. A key foundation is that our courts and tribunals are appropriately staffed and retiring judges are replaced without delay.

“Last week, the Attorney-General announced the appointment of Justice Catherine Button, Justice Geoffrey Kennett and Mr Ian Jackman SC as judges of the Federal Court of Australia.

“The Attorney-General also named six new judges of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA) (Division 2): Ms Amanda Humphreys, Ms Constantina Lioumis, Ms Janine Young, Ms Jennifer McArdle, Mr Mark Champion and Ms Louise Goodchild; announced the appointment of Ms Rebecca Curran as a judge of the FCFCOA (Division 1); made three appointments to the Copyright Tribunal including assigning the Honourable Justice Nye Perram as its President; and appointed Ms Lisa Eaton as a full-time member of the National Native Title Tribunal.

“I note that in making each of these appointments the Attorney-General said he was focused on achieving a merits-based selection process and sought input from the legal community, an advisory panel or senior members of the judiciary. We welcome this commitment to consultation before appointments are made, and continue to encourage meaningful timeframes in which to conduct this dialogue.

“Congratulations to each appointee. They have all undertaken to serve our community and this is a great honour and responsibility.

“In particular, I would like to acknowledge the appointments of Ms Curran and Justice Kennett who have both actively supported the work of the Law Council and helped advance the profession.

“Ms Curran was the President of the ACT Bar Association and a Director of the Law Council of Australia. Justice Kennett served for several years as Chair of the Law Council’s Administrative Law Committee and was a member of its Constitutional Law Committee.”

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