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Law Council of Australia


Government provides funding to Launceston registry

8 October 2020

The Law Council of Australia, the Law Society of Tasmania and the Family Law Practitioners Association of Tasmania (FLPA), welcome the much-needed capital injection of $5.4 million over four years, and earmarked for the relocation of the Launceston Federal Circuit Court of Australia registry.

This funding, announced in Tuesday’s budget, follows repeated calls for the registry to be relocated, and a safer environment for Court users be established.

Law Council President, Pauline Wright, said that a safe environment was essential not only for the legal practitioners and officers of the Court, but for all who walk through the door of the registry.

“This funding, while long overdue, is wholeheartedly welcomed by all, and will allow the Court to find a location fit for purpose,” Ms Wright said.

The Law Society of Tasmania and the Family Law Practitioners Association (Tas) applauds the Commonwealth Government announcement as to its funding commitment for the Launceston Registry, saying it is pleasing to see the government now taking action to prioritise the undoubted need to provide the North of the State with Court infrastructure that is fit for purpose for family law proceedings.

“The facilities at the Launceston Registry are patently inadequate and outdated, and an impediment to access to justice,” Law Society of Tasmania President Crystal Garwood and FLPA President Julia Higgins said.

“The Law Society of Tasmania and the Family Law Practitioners Association (Tas) have voiced their ongoing concerns about the facilities for a number of years, particularly the need to ensure the safety of staff, practitioners, Judicial officers and members of the community using the Launceston Registry.

“The funding commitment will ensure the Launceston Registry is able to properly service those in the North of the State who are involved in family law proceedings and is a very positive step,” Ms Higgins said.



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