Law Council of Australia


Law Council President, Pauline Wright, statement on Family Court Bomber

24 July 2020


More than three decades have passed since a campaign of death and destruction was waged against the Family Court and its judges, and family lawyers.

It is hoped that yesterday’s verdicts offer some solace to those who lost loved ones and whose lives were shattered by the appalling events that took place in the 1980’s.

The fortitude displayed by the judges and staff of the Court, who remained working during this time, demonstrates their extraordinary commitment to deliver excellence in service for children and families and a deep respect for the needs of separating families.

These attacks by an individual on members of the judiciary went to the heart of justice in Australia. Any attempt to intimidate a judicial officer to achieve a desired outcome or to punish them for an unfavourable outcome is deplorable and must be condemned.

Our thoughts go out to the victims’ families and for the many people who were affected, including current and former judges and staff of the Family Court.


Dr Fiona Wade
P. 0403 810 865


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