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Law Council of Australia


Law Council President, Pauline Wright, response to appointments to the High Court of Australia

28 October 2020

All comments are to be attributed to Law Council President, Pauline Wright.

The Law Council of Australia congratulates the Honourable Justice Simon Steward and the Honourable Justice Jacqueline Gleeson on their appointments as Justices of the High Court of Australia.

Justice Steward was admitted to practice as a legal practitioner in Victoria in 1992, was called to the Victorian Bar in 1999 and appointed Silk in 2009. He was appointed to the Federal Court of Australia in 2017, commencing his career on the Bench in 2018.

Justice Gleeson began practising at the New South Wales Bar in 1991, before leaving the Bar in late 2000 to practise as a solicitor, firstly with the Australian Broadcasting Authority and then later with the Australian Government Solicitor, before returning to the Bar in 2007. She was appointed as a Judge of the Federal Court in 2014.

The Law Council would also like to acknowledge retiring Honourable Justice Geoffrey Nettle and Honourable Justice Virginia Bell, for their service, and whose departure from the Bench created the vacancies.



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