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Law Council of Australia


UK-Australia FTA agreement opens the door for future dialogue

16 June 2021

All comments to be attributed to Law Council President, Dr Jacoba Brasch QC.

“The announcement that the UK and Australian governments have agreed on the broad outlines of an Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is welcomed by the Law Council of Australia.

The FTA will confirm that both Australian and UK lawyers can practise as foreign lawyers and provide arbitration, mediation and conciliation services in the other jurisdiction using their home qualifications and title.

The Law Council, in a submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and in subsequent meetings with the department, discussed ways in which the FTA can facilitate two-way mobility between Australian and UK lawyers and reduce existing barriers to trade in legal services between the jurisdictions.

The Law Council looks forward to continuing discussions with key stakeholders with a view to reducing remaining barriers for Australian and UK lawyers to practise as a local lawyer in the other jurisdiction.”


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