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Law Council of Australia


2019 Law Council of Australia Executive

13 December 2018

At the December Directors’ Meeting of the Law Council of Australia, the following Directors were elected as Members of the Law Council Executive for 2019:

Outgoing President, Morry Bailes, said that being President of the Law Council of Australia in 2018 has been a great honour.

“I am extremely proud of the role the Law Council has played this year in so many areas, including defending the rule of law and promoting access to justice,” Mr Bailes said.

“Having the honour of launching the Law Council’s Justice Project Final Report is among the many highlights I will cherish.

“By shining a spotlight on justice issues faced by Australia’s most disadvantaged people, I hope this monumental 18-month undertaking will shape legal policy and advocacy for many years to come.”

Incoming President, Arthur Moses SC, later spoke of the Law Council’s vision for 2019, which will include: expanding The Justice Project’s findings, fighting for increased legal aid funding, working towards Indigenous constitutional recognition and promoting the great work of the Law Council and all its members.

“Morry has led the Law Council with purpose and decency,” Mr Moses said.

“His capacity to put the Law Council's case respectful and persuasively has been a huge advantage to our profession and to the passing of good law that benefits us all.

“The ball is now rolling on so many issues of vital importance for the Law Council and I know the new Executive is eager to build on this momentum.

“With a Federal election around the corner, we will advocate tirelessly on crucial issues including: legal assistance funding, Indigenous recognition in the Constitution, a Federal Judicial Commission, and adequate resourcing of the Federal Courts.”



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