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Law Council of Australia


2024 Fiji Law Society Annual Convention

31 January 2024

Photo caption: Law Council President, Mr Greg McIntyre SC, Mr Wylie Clark and Dr Gordon Hughes AM, Chair of the South Pacific Lawyers’ Association.

From 1920 January 2024, Law Council President, Mr Greg McIntyre SC attended the Fiji Law Society Annual Convention. The theme of the Convention was “Equity, Ethics, and Empowerment: Navigating a Transformative Legal Landscape” and it attracted over 300 delegates.

The President featured as a panellist in a session entitled The Changing Face of Law – The role of courts in shaping legal transformation. The session was chaired by Wylie Clarke, President of Fiji Law Society. President McIntyre was joined on the panel by:

President McIntyre spoke about landmark cases on the rights of First Nations Australians that impacted Australia’s legal landscape, and the emergence of climate change as another arena in which strategic litigation is testing legal boundaries. President McIntyre also told the session that the Law Council, in its Climate Change Policy, has drawn attention to the need for certainty and clarity in this area, and emphasised that litigation should not be relied upon to resolve emerging gaps, uncertainties, and inconsistencies.

Photo caption L-R: Mr James Bolabiu, Mr Greg McIntyre SC, and Ms Ana Tuiketei. 

President McIntyre also met with President Clarke, as well as Dr Gordon Hughes, Chair of the South Pacific Lawyers’ Association in the margins of the conference to discuss recent legal developments in Fiji and joint initiatives of the Law Council and Fiji Law Society.

You can read the full speech here.



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