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Law Council of Australia


32nd LAWASIA Annual Conference, Hong Kong SAR

21 November 2019

                                                                           Caption: Mr Christopher Leong, Mr Arthur Moses SC and Mr Chunghwan Choi. 

The Law Council President participated in the 32nd LAWASIA Annual Conference in Hong Kong, accompanied by Jonathan Smithers, CEO and Charlotte Stubbs, Policy Lawyer (International). This conference was held under extreme difficulty given the current domestic upheaval in Hong Kong, and there was some thought that the conference might have to be cancelled. However, due to excellent management by the LAWASIA Executive, the event went ahead and given the circumstances, considerable success.

Mr Moses SC represented the Law Council at the LAWASIA Council Meeting on 5 November, in which he delivered a report on issues arising in Australian jurisdictions and the Law Council’s international advocacy, and participated in the elections for the 2020 LAWASIA Council.

The next President of LAWASIA for 2020-21 will be Mr Chunghwan Choi from South Korea, who succeeds Mr Christopher Leong from Malaysia. Ms Melissa Pang, President of the Hong Kong Law Society, was voted President-elect and is due to become President of LAWASIA in 2021. Australia’s Justin Dowd was elected Vice President of LAWASIA for 2020, as well as Steven Thiru from Malaysia and Shyam Divan from India.

Mr Moses SC served on the panel in the session “Human rights issues (including modern slavery) in the 21st century tackled at its source” and delivered a speech on Australia’s legislative framework to combat modern slavery.

The President also served as a judge of the 14th LAWASIA International Moot Competition, which was conducted at Hong Kong Shue Yan University in parallel to the conference.

While in Hong Kong, Mr Moses SC attended side meetings with Mr Christopher Leong and Mr Chungwhan Choi, outgoing President and incoming President of LAWASIA, Mr Yin Baohu, Director General of the China Legal Exchange Centre, Mr Philip Dykes SC, Chair of the Hong Kong Bar Association, and Mr Simon Davis, President of the Law Society of England and Wales.




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