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Law Council of Australia


Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework

16 July 2019

CSIRO’s Data61 Insight Team is engaged in research on the ethical framework associated with the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, both in Australia and globally. A discussion paper was released in April 2019 in support of a consultation by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science on the issue. The discussion paper proposed eight ‘core principles’ for the ethical use of AI in non-military contexts, and suggested a supporting ‘toolkit’ of associated resources and processes. Overall, the consultation looked at how to harness the social, economic and environmental benefits offered by AI, whilst building community trust in those systems, as developed and used by business and government.

The Law Council’s submission recognised that new and evolving technologies, including AI, machine learning and other forms of automated decision-making offer important benefits. However, its recommendations included that implementation should be grounded on an enforceable, rights-based foundation, and AI use should be subject to effective regulation and oversight. The Law Council called for clarity regarding accountability and liability, and careful consideration implications for public and private sector applications of AI.

A copy of the Law Council’s submission is available here. It thanks the many Constituent Bodies, Sections and Committees which contributed to its development.



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