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24 November 2017

The reporting period for adoptees of the Equitable Briefing Policy is now closed for data relating the last financial year. The Law Council can now begin to analyse the confidential reports submitted by adoptees, regarding briefing practices and measures taken to implement the policy. A final report of figures will be published, where all data will be aggregated and published information will not disclose identifying information.

The Law Council had originally intended to release its final report by 30 November following the receipt of adoptee reports by 30 September. As this was the first year for collecting annual reports, extensions were granted from the 30 September due date. Given the last report was not received until late November, the final report will be similarly delayed.

More than 120 individuals and almost 100 organisations and firms have adopted the Equitable Briefing Policy to-date since it became available for adoption in September 2016. The policy aims to improve the progression and retention of women barristers through the introduction of measurable targets and reporting mechanisms, in a bid to fulfill the Law Council’s ongoing objective of driving cultural change within the legal profession.

The Law Council would like to thank all of those who have signed up to the policy and submitted their annual report.



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