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Law Council of Australia


Inquiry into the effectiveness of the current temporary skilled visa system in targeting genuine skills shortages

31 January 2019

In late 2018, the Law Council provided a submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Reference Committee’s inquiry into the effectiveness of the current temporary skills visa system in targeting genuine skills shortages.

In its submission, the Law Council made a number of recommendations for reforms to specific aspects of Australia’s temporary skilled visa system, which included proposals to adjust the obligation on employers to undertake labour market testing, to lessen the requirement for temporary skilled visa holders to undergo skills assessment in certain circumstances and to reform the way in which employers are levied for their sponsorship for skilled migrants.

The Law Council placed an emphasis in its submission on the need to strike a balance between an effective temporary skilled visa regime that adequately meets Australia’s skilled migrant needs while ensuring that temporary skilled visa holders enjoy the same access to workplace rights and protections as other Australians.



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