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Law Council of Australia


Law Council attends 2018 IBA Annual Conference

18 October 2018

The Law Council President, Morry Bailes, represented the Law Council at the 2018 International Bar Association Annual Conference in Rome, Italy, from 8-12 October 2018. The IBA brings together the global leaders of the legal profession to discuss contemporary issues for the legal profession.

Participation at the Rome Conference facilitated the Law Council’s continued involvement in high-level IBA committees. In particular, the Law Council has a close relationship with the Bar Issues Commission which is responsible for representing 200 bar associations throughout the world.

The Law Council is currently seeking its financial assistance to help develop the South Pacific Lawyers’ Association, a body for which the Law Council has provided Secretariat support for many years following an initial funding grant from the IBA. The IBA Annual Conference now attracts increased representation from the Asian Bar associations.

The President chaired a meeting with a working group of members of the Presidents of Law Associations in Asia (POLA). The purpose of the working group is to conduct a review into the objects and capabilities of POLA on the eve of its 30th anniversary. Draft documentation will be prepared by the Law Council for consideration at the upcoming LAWASIA Conference in Siem Reap 2 – 5 November.

The President also attended a LAWASIA meeting chaired by the President-elect, of LAWASIA, Mr Chunghwan Choi.

The President of the Law Society of NSW, Mr Doug Humphreys, also participated in the meeting. At other bilateral meetings conducted by Mr Bailes at the Conference with key international counterparts, he discussed issues including the rule of law, human rights, legal technology and artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

The Law Council’s annual Wine Tasting Reception was hosted at the Official Residence of the Australian Ambassador to Rome, who remarked on the great progress that has been made over the centuries from the Athenian dogma of the Melian dialogues - the strong do as they will, and the weak suffer as they must – to our contemporary “profound commitment to freedom, fundamental human rights, and the rule of law”.

Mr Bailes took the opportunity to address the international visitors at the well attended event on the work of the Law Council’s Justice Project and the Legal Futures Summit, outcomes from which it is hoped will be further developed by the IBA.



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