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Law Council of Australia


Law Council makes submission on human rights and technology

31 October 2018

On 25 October 2018, the Law Council provided the Australian Human Rights Commission with a submission in relation to its consultation on human rights and technology.

In its submission, the Law Council considered the potential of various new technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, to both to promote and threaten the protection of human rights.

Amongst other findings, the Law Council submitted that the best approach to the development of legislation to respond to new technologies is the adoption of principle-based laws that allow for flexibility and adaptability.

During the drafting process, the Law Council engaged with the Human Rights Commissioner and key stakeholders at a roundtable held at the Human Rights Commission, as well as drawing on input received from its Constituent Bodies.

The Law Council intends to utilise the contents of the submission to inform its ongoing work on the impact of technology on various aspects of the law and the legal profession.



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