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Law Council of Australia


Law Council welcomes Vietnamese delegation

4 October 2018

Pictured: Dr. Do Ngoc Thinh, President, Vietnam Bar Federation and Jonathan Smithers, CEO, Law Council of Australia.

The CEO of the Law Council, Jonathan Smithers welcomed President, Dr. Do Ngoc Thinh, and members of the Vietnam Bar Federation (VBF) to the secretariat in Canberra on 27 September. The VBF was visiting Australia to sign a MOU with the Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre to support mediation training for Vietnamese lawyers.

Representatives of the Law Council encouraged participation in regional forums such as LAWASIA and the Presidents of Law Associations in Asia (POLA). The meeting also provided an opportunity to discuss similarities and differences between the two legal professions, rule of law and, access to justice issues related to Vietnam and Australia. Some of these issues are highlighted in more detail in the Law Council’s submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Law Council hopes to continue to develop its relationship with the VBF, including opportunities for mutual collaboration and exchange.



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