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National Collection of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Data

20 May 2019

At the last Directors' Meeting on 23 March, Law Council Directors agreed to recommend to Constituent Bodies the inclusion of three uniform questions on their practicing certificate renewal forms and/or membership renewal forms, in order to collect data on the ethnic and cultural diversity of the legal profession.

The National Collection of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Data is an initiative begun and championed by the Law Council’s Equal Opportunity Committee.

The aim is to support the work of Constituent Bodies by extending questions already asked in individual states and territories into a nationally consistent program. This will provide an accurate way to measure the current state of diversity across the legal profession and support future needs. The data will be collected, de-identified and collated into a report, beginning in the 2019/2020 renewals cycle.

The Law Council is most grateful to those Constituent Bodies that have already committed to implementing the project.



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