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Law Council of Australia


New Zealand Law Society Board and Council Meetings

2 May 2023

Law Council President, Mr Luke Murphy, and Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ms Margery Nicoll, attended the New Zealand Law Society Board and Council Meetings held in Wellington on 27 – 28 April 2023.

President Murphy addressed both the Board and the Council in their meetings on 27 and 28 April respectively, reporting on legal sector issues in Australia including the referendum on the Voice to Parliament, the establishment of the National-Anti-Corruption Commission and proposed Federal Judicial Commission, and proposed amendments to extend the application of Australia’s anti-money-laundering and counterterrorism financing (AML/CTF) regime to the legal profession.

These meetings occurred against the backdrop of the Independent Review into Legal Professional Regulation in Aotearoa New Zealand, which has recommended the establishment of a new independent regulator to regulate the legal profession in New Zealand, and made recommendations regarding the function and governance of New Zealand Law Society. President Murphy provided an overview of co-regulatory models in force across Australian jurisdictions, and discussed principles which underpin effective regulatory models.

In the margins of the NZLS meetings, President Murphy also met with Mr Neil Russ, member of the AML/CTF Industry Advisory Group, to discuss comparative experiences with AML/CTF regimes, Ms Arti Chand, President of the Pacific Lawyers Association of New Zealand and South Pacific Lawyers’ Association Executive Member, to discuss legal sector issues in the Pacific region and opportunities for collaboration, as well as New Zealand Law Society officers to discuss additional legal sector issues of mutual interest.



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