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Law Council of Australia


An End to Lawyers? Implications of AI for the Legal Profession

Speech delivered by Morry Bailes, President of the Law Council of Australia at the Australian Defence Seminar, Australian Defence College, Canberra, 24 October 2018.

"I recently convened a Law Council summit on the future of legal profession, which brought together leaders of the profession, academics, members of the judiciary, legal practitioners, regulators and technology innovators.

We looked at issues that will be significant in shaping the future of the profession, through the lenses of: the experience of consumers of legal services; the characteristics of the profession itself; and the ethical and regulatory environment that surrounds the profession, the practice of law and the provision of legal services.

Technological innovation was recognised as a significant driver of change across all three of these lenses, although it was not seen as the only significant driver.

What I was looking for from our summit were insights into the key policy questions the Law Council, as the national peak body for the legal profession, needs to address to help shape and facilitate (and manage the risks arising from) the transformations that are now happening in the practice of law and provision of legal services."

You can read the full speech below.


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