Law Council of Australia


Opening Address: Legal Futures Summit

13 September

Morry Bailes, President, Law Council of Australia

"This summit is an opportunity for all of us to come together to consider the future of the legal profession, to examine our own views, ideals and lived experiences, some as legal practitioners, and some in other occupations, and to imagine the future we may envisage for ourselves, the future role we ought to, and will play, in our society.

It will be challenging, but also rewarding to focus our attention for a moment on the higher ideals that drive us, what our profession means to us, and to our communities.

The main message I have is that we are here today for a reason - there is much change going on around us that will reshape the future of access by consumers to legal services, the way the legal profession organises itself to meet those needs, and as a consequence, the future approach to regulation and ethics."

You can read the full opening statement below.


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