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The Future of the Legal Profession: Sailing into Cyberspace

Speech delivered online by Mr Tass Liveris, Law Council of Australia President, to mark the Opening of the Malaysian Legal Year, 13 January 2022. 

"Good afternoon. It is a pleasure to join you this afternoon – albeit virtually – to mark Malaysia’s Opening of the Legal Year for 2022.

As I begin my term as President of the Law Council of Australia, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet, and better get to know, distinguished bar leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region and further afield.

I am also grateful that the time-honoured tradition of marking the opening of the legal year again provides the opportunity to discuss current and emerging issues in our jurisdictions, and share our priorities and aspirations for the year ahead.

I’ve very much looked forward to today’s session – the digital transformation of our legal systems and the provision of legal services is an issue which will impact every lawyer in every jurisdiction.

I commend the Malaysian Bar for its selection of topic – which prompted me to pause and consider the often-discussed issues of modern legal practice in a different light.

It occurs to me that sailing is a very good analogy for looking into the future of our profession and exploring the impact technology may have on how we provide legal services – and how our clients and communities access and observe justice.

Although the word ‘sailing’ may imply a certain ease or effortlessness, in reality, sailing is full of uncertainty. We can carefully prepare for the journey and plot our course, but should the wind change, we have to respond quickly and either get back on track or adjust our course to the new conditions."

Read full speech below.


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