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Law Council of Australia

Policy Agenda

Rural, Regional and Remote Areas Lawyers

The Law Council is concerned that ongoing problems in recruiting and retaining legal practitioners in country Australia is negatively impacting on the ability of people in rural, regional and remote (RRR) areas to access legal services.

Evidence suggests lawyers in regional areas are experiencing increasing difficulties in attracting and retaining suitable staff. These recruitment problems have a direct effect on the legal sector’s ability to service the legal needs of regional communities.

In March 2009, the Law Council coordinated a nationwide survey of legal practitioners in RRR areas.

Through the study, the Law Council sought to obtain data from country lawyers about the current and future needs of their practices, with an emphasis on exploring future employment intentions, retirement, succession planning, legal aid and pro bono work.

An online survey was sent by the law societies in each state and the Northern Territory to their members working in RRR areas.

The Law Council released the results of the study in July 2009. For further infomraiton about the Law Council's RRR Law work, you can visit the website:

The Law Council gratefully acknowledges the extensive assistance provided by the Law Institute of Victoria in undertaking the survey. 


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