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Law Council of Australia


Policy Statement - Climate Change Policy

27 November 2021

The physical impacts of climate change and its far-reaching consequences have become increasingly apparent, globally and in Australia, in recent years. These developments have caused international and domestic legal frameworks to evolve.

They have also presented practitioners, educational institutions and the legal profession at large with novel and complex challenges with respect to the development, understanding and practice of the law and prompted legal practices to adapt at a structural level.

In its role as the peak body for Australian lawyers on federal and national issues, the Law Council has developed this policy statement. In so doing, the Law Council draws upon its commitment to the rule of law and its organisational objects – from furthering the betterment of law in the public interest and the administration of justice, to developing and promoting advancement of the profession and the ethical standards of practitioners. 

This Policy is intended to:

The Law Council has also developed a Background Paper to provide additional context for the Policy.  

The Background Paper:


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