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Law Council of Australia


2017 Independent Intelligence Review

The submission to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in relation to the 2017 Independent Intelligence Review (the Review) was prepared by the Law Council. 

The Law Council commends the Australian Government undertaking the Review consistent with the 2004 Flood Review Recommendation that periodic reviews of the Australian Intelligence Community (AIC) occur every five years.1

The Review will examine: how key aspects of Australia’s security environment and the nature of security threats have changed in recent times (including as a result of technological advancements); how they are likely to change further over the coming years; and, how effectively the AIC serves Australian national interests and the needs of Australian policy makers.

The Law Council acknowledges that the proper functioning of the AIC is critical in safeguarding Australia’s national security and supports measures to protect the community from terrorist acts. Such measures, however, should remain consistent with established principles of the Australian criminal justice system, the rule of law and international human rights standards.

On this basis the Law Council’s submission focuses on the following issues:

You can read the full submission below.


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