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Law Council of Australia


Need for a nationally-consistent approach to alcohol-fuelled violence

1. The Law Council thanks the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee (the Committee) for the opportunity to make a submission to the Committee’s inquiry into the need for a nationally-consistent approach to alcohol-fuelled violence (the Inquiry). 

2. On 3 February 2016, the following matter was referred to the Committee for inquiry and report: 

The need for a nationally-consistent approach, negotiated, developed and delivered by the Federal Government together with all state and territory governments, to address and reduce alcohol-fuelled violence, including one-punch related deaths and injuries across Australia. 

3. This submission focuses on the following terms of reference for the inquiry: 

(a) the current status of state and territory laws relating to: 

 bail requirements and penalties surrounding alcohol-related violence, and 

 liquor licensing, including the effectiveness of lockout laws and alcohol service laws; 

(b) the effectiveness of the current state and territory: 

(ii) educational and other information campaigns designed to reduce alcohol-related violence; 

(c) the viability of a national strategy to ensure adoption and delivery of the most effective measures, including harmonisation of laws and delivery of education and awareness across the country, and funding model options for a national strategy; and 

(d) whether a judicial commission in each state and territory would ensure consistency in judgments relating to alcohol-related violence in line with community standards. 

4. It also briefly discusses alcohol-fuelled violence in the context of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 


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