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Law Council of Australia


A Renewed National Cultural Policy 2022

The Law Council of Australia (Law Council) is grateful to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts (Department) for the opportunity to provide a submission in relation to the development of a new National Cultural Policy (new cultural policy). The Law Council understands that the new cultural policy is being developed from the basis of the existing National Cultural Policy, Creative Australia, published in 2013.1

I acknowledge the significant contribution of the Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) of the Business Law Section of the Law Council in preparing this submission. I also thank the Law Council’s Indigenous Legal Issues Committee for its review and endorsement of this submission.

The Law Council supports the development of a new cultural policy and seeks, through this submission, to highlight the importance of intellectual property law and principles to the development of that policy.

1Office of the Arts, ‘Creative Australia: National Cultural Policy’ (Policy, 2013) <apo-nid33126.pdf>,


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