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Australia's Climate Change Policies at the Australian and State and Territory Government Levels: A Stocktake

The submission to the Climate Change Authority in response to Australia’s Climate Change Policies at the Australian and State and Territory Levels: A Stocktake (the Australian Stocktake) and International Action on Climate Change Mitigation: A Stocktake was prepared by the Australian Environmental and Planning Law Committee (AEPLG) of the Legal Practice Section. 

The AEPLG Committee welcomes the valuable overview of domestic and international climate action in the reports and the summary of emissions and abatement activity across different economic sectors.

However, there appears to be two important omissions in the Australian Stocktake. These omissions appear to undermine the assumption by CCA that emissions are falling and will continue to fall1 and the conclusion by the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy (the Department) that Australia has “a comprehensive set of policies covering every sector of the economy”.

You can read the full submission below.


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