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Consumer Data Right Strategic Assessment

The submission to Treasury in response to its Consumer Data Right Strategic Assessment Consultation Paper was prepared by the Competition and Consumer Committee of the Business Law Section.

The Competition and Consumer Committee agrees that the extension of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) regime to any sector, use case and/or data set (as the case may be) should focus on the areas that will unlock the greatest benefits for consumers in terms of access to better services and products, and ensuring consumers benefit from the associated data collected.

While the committee acknowledges the potential for consumer benefit from the CDR, the committee encourages government to give careful consideration to the costs to businesses of implementing the CDR, particularly as those costs may be passed onto consumers and may, in some cases, outweigh the benefits to consumers.

The committee considers the government should have regard to the following principles when prioritising and sequencing CDR implementation.

You can read the full submission below.


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