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Law Council of Australia

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Copyright Legislation Amendment (Fair Pay for Radio Play) Bill 2023

The Intellectual Property Committee of the Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia (the IPC) provided a submission in response to the Committee’s inquiry regarding the Copyright Legislation Amendment (Fair Pay for Radio Play) Bill 2023 and supports the passage of the Bill.

The IPC is comprised of barristers, solicitors and academics with significant expertise and experience in intellectual property law matters, including with particular relevance to the subject of this inquiry—copyright.

Copyright law is an important means by which Australia’s cultural and artistic communities (including authors, performers and producers) can seek payment for the fruits of their efforts. Copyright law does this by providing creators and rights holders with a bundle of exclusive rights including the right to communicate their works to the public which, in turn, includes the exclusive right to broadcast the copyright-protected material.

Without the protection of copyright, unauthorised third parties could free-ride on the creative efforts without incurring the expense, trouble or risks of investing in creation. Such free-riding has the potential to significantly undermine the incentives for Australian authors, performers and producers to create uniquely Australian content.

You can read the full submission below.


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