Law Council of Australia


Inquiry into a Suitable Model for the Implementation of the National Injury Insurance Scheme

Thank you for your invitation to the Law Council of Australia to provide a submission to the Communities, Disability Services and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Committee (“Committee”), in response to this Inquiry. 

The Law Council is the national peak body for the legal profession. Further information about the Law Council is at Attachment A

It is noted that, while the title of the Inquiry refers to the “National Injury Insurance Scheme” (NIIS), which the Commonwealth intended to be a federation of state and territory schemes covering all catastrophic injuries arising from accident or misadventure, the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry appear to indicate a focus on motor accident compensation. Accordingly, the Law Council confines this submission to no-fault compensation arrangements for motor vehicle accidents in Queensland. 

The Law Council has had the opportunity to read the submission of the Queensland Law Society, a constituent body of the Law Council, and respectfully agrees with its submissions. 

The Law Council is pleased to make the following additional remarks for the consideration of the Committee.