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Law Council of Australia


Inquiry into Surrogacy

1. Thank you for the opportunity to provide submissions with respect to the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference. 

2. The Law Council is the national peak body for the legal profession. Further information about the Law Council is at Attachment A

3. This submission has been prepared by the Law Council’s Family Law Section (FLS). The Family Law Section is the largest professional association for family law practitioners, with a membership of almost 2,500 from all Australian States and Territories together with a number of international members. It exists to positively influence the development and practice of family law for the benefit of its members and the general community, and to promote professional excellence and influence decision making, so that the family law system in Australia is fair, respected, functional and responsive to community needs. 

4. This submission addresses each of the Terms where relevant to the expertise of the Family Law Section. 

Term of reference 1: the role and responsibility of states and territories to regulate surrogacy, both international and domestic, and differences in existing legislative arrangements 


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