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Law Council of Australia


Inquiry into the integrity of Australia's border arrangements

The submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity regarding its inquiry into the integrity of Australia’s border arrangements was prepared by the Law Council of Australia. 

The Law Council notes the Inquiry was initially commenced on 5 March 2015, re-referred at the beginning of the 45th Parliament, and re-referred again on 16 October 2019.

The Law Council does not intend to make submissions about specific integrity risks in Australia’s seaport and airport border operations. Rather, the Law Council wishes to highlight the utility of an effective Commonwealth Integrity Commission (CIC) to manage corruption risks wherever they may arise, including in Australia’s border operations. To assist the committee’s consideration of this interconnected matter, the Law Council’s submission provides some background information about the need for a CIC and the appropriate scope of its functions, which would include jurisdiction over Commonwealth agencies operating at Australia’s territorial borders.

You can read the full submission below.


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