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Migration Amendment (Strengthening Employer Compliance) Bill 2023

The submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee in response to the Migration Amendment (Strengthening Employer Compliance) Bill 2023 (Cth) (2023 Bill) inquiry, was prepared by the Law Council of Australia.

The Law Council supports measures to better protect migrant workers from the risk of workplace exploitation. Its view is that temporary visa holders should be entitled to the same pay, conditions, and workplace protections as Australian workers.1

The Bill provides for the same general framework of reforms to the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) as the Migration Amendment (Protecting Migrant Workers) Bill 2021 (2021 Bill), which was introduced to Parliament during its last term, but ultimately not enacted. The Law Council has, in this submission, drawn on the submission it made to this Committee’s inquiry into the 2021 Bill.2

The Law Council is grateful to the Migration Law Committee of its Federal Dispute Resolution Section and the Law Institute of Victoria for their substantive contributions to this submission. It also appreciates the input from the Business and Human Rights Committee and the National Criminal Law Committee.

1 Law Council, Submission to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee, ’Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Protecting Worker Entitlements) Bill 2023’ [3]
2 Law Council, Submission to the Committee, ‘Migration Amendment (Protecting Migrant Workers) Bill 2021’ (Law Council submission on the 2021 Bill)


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