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Law Council of Australia


National Housing and Homelessness Plan Issues Paper

The Law Council of Australia provided a submission to the Department of Social Services in relation to its National Housing and Homelessness in Australia Issues Paper1.

A National Housing and Homelessness Plan (Plan) is being developed by the Australian Government, in collaboration with state and territory governments, to ‘set out a shared national vision across the responsibilities of different levels of government to improve housing outcomes and help address homelessness in Australia’2. The Issues Paper seeks input on an overview of ‘key issues in different parts of the housing and homelessness systems’ to inform the development of the Plan3.

The following input has been provided through this submission:

Read the full submission below.

1 Commonwealth of Australia (Department of Social Services), The National Housing and Homelessness Plan Issues Paper (August 2023)
2 Ibid 9.
3 Ibid 14.


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