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Productivity Commission – Right to Repair Issues Paper (December 2020)

The submission to the Productivity Commission in response to its 'Right to Repair' Issues Paper released in December 2020 (Issues Paper), as part of the Productivity Commission's Right to Repair Inquiry (Inquiry) was prepared by the Business Law Section (BLS).

The BLS has received contributions from two of its committees in relation to this consultation:

a. The Competition and Consumer Committee; and

b. The Intellectual Property Committee (together, the Committees).

In summary, the Committees are of the view that existing laws generally provide adequate rights and remedies to consumers in relation to repairs. The introduction of a new, all-encompassing 'right to repair' is likely to be counterproductive and cause confusion for both consumers and businesses.

This submission is divided into two parts, each dealing with separate Information Requests raised in the Issues Paper.

Part A of this submission has been prepared by the Competition and Consumer Committee, while Part B has been prepared the Intellectual Property Committee.

You can read the full submission below.


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