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Law Council of Australia


Review of the Counter-terrorism Legislation Amendment (Prohibited Hate Symbols and Other Measures) Bill 2023

The Law Council of Australia provided a submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (the Committee) in response to review of the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment (Prohibited Hate Symbols and Other Measures) Bill 2023 (the Bill).

The Law Council acknowledges that Australia’s current ‘National Terrorism Threat Level’ is ‘possible’.1 This means that, while Australia remains a potential terrorist target, ‘there are fewer violent extremists with the intention to conduct an attack onshore’.2 This assessment also notes that ideologically motivated violent extremism, and in particular nationalist and racist violent extremism, ‘remains a threat to Australian security’ and ‘its adherents will continue to engage in offensive behaviours’. However, there is a shift in focus of these groups towards ‘recruitment and radicalisation’ rather than ‘attack planning’.3

1 Commonwealth of Australia, Australian National Security – National Threat Level (Webpage, 28 November 2022).
2 Ibid.
3 The Law Council accepts that particularly in the context of lone-wolf attacks, radicalisation remains a security concern in relation to ‘individuals who then go on to undertake attacks, potentially without any warning.’ Ibid.


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