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Law Council of Australia


Social Impact Investing Discussion Paper

The submission to the Tressury's Social Impacting Investing Discussion Paper was prepared by the Not-for-Profit Legal Practice and Charities Committee of the Legal Practice Section. 

The submission engages with a number of the Consultation Questions raised by the Discussion Paper. The submission identifies that there are a number of significant issues that do not appear to have been addressed in this first consultation on social impact investing in Australia.

The Committee seek to identity a number of those issues in the submission. The Committee's members are reporting the rapid growth of interest and novel participation in social impact investing in Australia. Therefore it seems that policy and regulatory environment work is needed to, firstly, be responsive to a market that is already developing, and secondly, to cultivate best practice.

The Committee’s submission makes a number of observations and specific recommendations about actions that may assist the carrying forward of the public policy and regulatory debate.

You can read the full submission below.


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