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Futures Committee

The Futures Committee was re-established in 2020 to advise the Law Council on the challenges and opportunities presented by social, technological and regulatory changes that impact on the Australian legal profession.

The Committee exists to identify and develop policy responses to issues identified at the September 2018 Legal Futures Summit, and any other issues that have a potential impact on the Australian legal profession relating to:

(a) key future challenges and opportunities for the legal profession;

(b) consumers of legal services of the future;

(c) the characteristics of the legal profession of the future, including education, training and skills the profession needs to meet the needs of future consumers of legal services; and

(d) the regulatory and ethical issues arising from developments in technology, that will support and encourage innovation and change in the profession in the future.



Mr John Farrell
T. 02 6246 3714

Mr Nathan MacDonald
T. 02 6246 3721


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