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Law Council calls on parties to commit to election policies that benefit all Australians

12 April 2022

The Law Council has today released its Call to Parties document outlining the key issues of concern to Australia’s legal profession and seeking the commitment of the major political parties and independents to reforms needed to improve law and policy for the betterment of the Australian community.

“The Law Council represents the Australian legal profession domestically and internationally and promotes the administration of justice, access to justice, a strong legal profession and the improvement of the law. The Law Council’s Call to Parties sets out a range of initiatives and measures that the legal profession considers to be necessary components of an improved, more functional and sustainable justice system,” Law Council of Australia President, Mr Tass Liveris said.

“The legal profession has a long history of providing a voice for people in need and advocating for effective social change. The work of the legal profession upholds the rule of law in Australia and the rights of Australians.

“Parties must not overlook the vital role the legal profession plays in underpinning our democracy, the proper functioning of the economy, and promoting an equitable and just society. Parties must recognise that legal services are as much an essential service as health or education.

“When in need, every Australian should be able to access assistance to invoke and defend their legal rights. Access to justice should not be restricted by a person’s level of wealth or where they live. Therefore, a key recommendation in our Call to Parties is to address the under-resourcing of the legal assistance sector and invest in our courts and tribunals.”

The key themes on which the Law Council is seeking action following the 2022 Federal Election, include:

“In the lead up to the election, the Law Council will watch closely the policies released by the parties and advocate for each of the recommendations posed in our Call to Parties to be addressed,” Mr Liveris said.

“We believe these commitments will benefit our community, strengthen our society and help all Australians. The Law Council will not waver in advocating for the outcomes that the legal profession believes are critical to Australia’s future and will work with whoever forms Government to deliver them.”

A full copy of the Law Council of Australia’s Call to Parties is available here.


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