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Law Council celebrates first Indigenous Supreme Court appointee

27 May 2022

The Law Council has warmly congratulated Mr Lincoln Crowley QC on the announcement of his appointment to the Supreme Court of Queensland, which will make him the first Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person appointed to a Supreme Court in Australia.

Mr Crowley has had a distinguished career specialising in criminal law, inquests and inquiries, and related civil proceedings and litigation. He has served as Crown Prosecutor for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions and successfully prosecuted cases across a broad range of crime types including commercial crime and fraud, drug offences, money laundering, child pornography and environmental offences. He was appointed as Queen’s Counsel in 2018.

"Mr Crowley has demonstrated professional excellence and is highly deserving of this appointment," said Law Council of Australia President Mr Tass Liveris.

"On behalf of the Australian legal profession I congratulate him on this significant personal and professional achievement – an achievement that also makes history.

"It is fortuitous timing indeed that this announcement occurs at the start of National Reconciliation Week, which celebrates the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This is a move in the right direction for the Australian justice system and our society.
"Although comprehensive and up-to-date national figures are not accessible, the limited data that is available suggests the representation of First Nations peoples across the legal profession continues to sit well below population parity. First Nations peoples make up close to three per cent of the total Australian population, but probably less than one per cent of solicitors, barristers and judicial officers.

"The Law Council has long stated its commitment to ensuring a diverse and inclusive profession. We note that studies show diversity and equality in representation positively influence factors such as performance, quality, innovation, risk reduction, and client satisfaction.
"While clearly there is much work still to be done, today’s announcement marks a significant milestone.

"Mr Crowley joins a distinguished group of First Nations judges and magistrates who make a significant difference to the Australian community, legal profession and justice system."


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