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Law Council of Australia


Supplementary Submission: Review of the Counter-Terrorism (Temporary Exclusion Orders) Act 2019

The Law Council of Australia appreciates the opportunity to have appeared before the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (Committee) on 17 October 2022 in relation to its Review of the Counter-Terrorism (Temporary Exclusion Orders) Act 2019 (Cth) (TEO Act).

In the course of the Law Council’s appearance, the following line of questioning from the Deputy Chair, Mr Andrew Wallace MP, was taken on notice:
... can you give us a bit of an understanding as to the UK provisions and their legislation? When an application is brought to the court, an interim order may be made or the minister may in fact be able to make an interim order. But what’s the effect of that interim order in the UK legislation? Is that something that has a sunset clause on it that has to be revisited on a regular basis whilst the process is working its way through? How does it work?

The Law Council provides the following information in relation to the operation of the Temporary Exclusion Order (TEO) in the United Kingdom (UK).


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