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Law Council of Australia

Business Law Section

September 2020 - Message from the Chair

Members of the Business Law Section continue to make valuable contributions to business and the development of good law in Australia. Our members’ views and expertise are called upon frequently by lawmakers and administrators, especially in these very trying times, by:

Several of these recent key contributions are worthy of special mention.

Alan Wein, a very highly regarded member of our SME Business Law Committee, has been appointed as the Chair of the Victorian Government’s Covid-19 CTRS Administration Committee.

Having had significant experience in Federal and State regulatory frameworks and legislation in SME’s, Alan will bring use experience to assist in achieving positive outcomes for Victoria in this period of unprecedented difficulty and uncertainty.

The BLS submissions continue to be a key part of assisting government to develop good law in this country. Details of recent submissions can be obtained elsewhere in this edition of the BLS Brief. In the 2019-2020 financial year, the BLS has made a massive contribution to the overall production of submissions from the Law Council, either by authoring submissions solely, or by contributions to joint submissions with other Sections or Committees of the Law Council. The following graph details the extent of efforts from all parts of the Law Council including the BLS.

Thank you to all committee members who have given of their valuable time to produce such important work.

In the last few months, we have taken part in several Parliamentary Committee hearings on matters of importance in our areas of practice:

Again, thank you to all who have assisted in the work of the BLS over the last few months.

Greg Rodgers
Chair, Business Law Section



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