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Law Council of Australia

Business Law Section

Our Committees

The Business Law Section provides a forum through which lawyers and others interested in law affecting business can discuss current issues, debate and contribute to the process of law reform in Australia, as well as enhance their professional skills.

Operating as a Section of the Law Council, the Business Law Section is often called upon to make or assist in making submissions for the Law Council in areas of business law applicable on a national basis. Currently the Business Law Section has 14 specialist committees and working groups. To learn more about the work of each committee please click on the links below.

As different or newer areas of business law develop, the Business Law Section evolves to meet the needs or objectives of its members in emerging areas by establishing new working groups or committees, depending on how it may better achieve its objectives.

Joining a Committee

If you would be interested in joining one or more of our specialist committees, please submit your nomination along with a copy of your CV to BLS Administrative Coordinator, Dana Nikoletic at to be put forward to the relevant committee chair.

Please note is it a requirement that all committee members be financial members of the Business Law Section, to learn more about section membership or to join click here.