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Law Council of Australia

Business Law Section

Episode Eight: A business lawyer’s guide to crypto currencies, digital tokens and NFTs

Just in the last months of 2021 the Senate Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre delivered its final report on digital assets, one of Australia’s big four banks announced that they would add Crypto currencies to their banking app, and ASIC released guidance on “crypto-asset related investment products”.

It is safe to say the digital world is rapidly expanding and we need to jump aboard this fast moving train. To assist our listeners navigate through the digital maze, BLS Executive members John Keeves and Professor Pamela Hanrahan are joined by three leading lawyers in this field to dive further into the digital labyrinth.

Hannah Glass, a senior associate in King & Wood Mallesons’ leading financial markets and systems team, Susannah Wilkinson, Co-Digital Law Head at HSF and new BLS Chairman Philip Argy who is a long-serving BLS Digital Commerce Committee Member.

TheBLSReport · The BLS Report - Episode Eight: A business lawyer’s guide to crypto currencies