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Law Council of Australia


Tools for Practitioners and Law Practices

As part of its National Strategic Plan, the Law Council will consult on the development of tools for RRR firms and/or sole practitioners such as:

These tools will be developed for consultation with the Law Council’s Constituent Bodies, Sections, key experts and stakeholders over the course of the operation of the National Strategic Plan, and uploaded to this webpage once finalised.

Small Business Employer’s Checklist

Are you a small legal workplace and/or sole practitioner considering hiring a new employee, perhaps as part of the RRR Digital Treechange?

The Small Business Employer’s Checklist identifies the major considerations, resources and legislative obligations for employers who are seeking to hire and onboard a prospective employee. This resource aims to assist in removing some recruitment barriers and administrative hurdles that smaller legal workplaces, especially those in RRR areas, may experience.

View and download the Small Business Employer’s Checklist here.

Please note this resource is current to 8 August 2022 and is for general guidance purposes only.