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Law Council of Australia


Finding work in RRR areas

Like many other professional groups, such as doctors and nurses, lawyers in regional areas are experiencing increasing difficulties in attracting and reataining suitable staff. These recruitment problems have a direct effect on the legal sector’s ability to service the legal needs of regional communities.

Many law firms, community legal centres and public assistance services are unable to find suitable lawyers to fill vacancies when they arise and are being impeded by the drain of corporate knowledge caused by a constant turnover of staff. Evidence also suggests this situation will deteriorate further in the next five to 10 years as a large number of experienced principals retire. 

The Law Council has committed to developing policy options promoting the recruitment, retention and succession of lawyers in RRR areas in its National Strategic Plan and is working with its Constituent Bodies and key experts and stakeholders to develop and implement programmes responding to this issue.

These programmes will be added to this webpage as and when they are developed. 

If you are currently looking for RRR opportunities, please contact the local law society or professional association about current RRR vacancies in the state or territory where you want to work.