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2013: Mrs Elizabeth Heenan

Mrs Elizabeth Heenan was awarded the 2013 Law Council of Australia President's Medal.

Mrs Heenan is a Special Counsel at Culshaw Miller Lawyers in Western Australia and has extensive legal experience spanning over 36 years.

Award recipient Mrs Elizabeth Heenan said she was honoured and humbled to be the recipient of the Law Council's President's Medal for 2013.

"I come from the coalface of the profession, being a solicitor, I am much more involved with the public on a day to day basis.

During her acceptance speech Mrs Heenan noted she was pleased to see the support the Law Council has given in recent years to furthering the causes of those in the profession who perhaps may be at a disadvantage.

"We've seen this support through the adoption of the equitable briefing policy, the support for the court appearance survey and the National Attrition and Re-engagement Study which is examining why there is a high rate of attrition of women lawyers in the legal profession – all of which contribute to furthering the role of women in the profession," Mrs Heenan said.

As a highly respected mentor and advocate for change within the legal sector, Mr Colbran said Mrs Heenan has been a positive and influential role model for many lawyers.

"Mrs Heenan has made significant contributions to the legal profession as President of the Law Society of Western Australia in 2003 and as a continuing member of the Law Society.

"Mrs Heenan has also made an extraordinary contribution to the Law Council serving as Director in 2003 and as member of the Equalising Opportunities in the Law Committee and the National Elder Law and Succession Law Committee.

"It is vital as a profession to recognise the achievements of our colleagues who have paved the way for others.

"Elizabeth is clearly a woman of courage, determination and commitment, as well as being an excellent role model for all lawyers - she is a very worthy recipient of this award," Law Council President, Mr Michael Colbran QC said.


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