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Law Council of Australia


Amanda Millyard

What support is there for lawyers relocating to RRR areas?

I am unaware of any support for lawyers relocating to RRR areas. It would be helpful if there was an advisory service or advisory information both for the employer and employee.

What experiences will I gain from working in RRR areas?

Exposure to a diverse client base comprised of ‘all clients great and small’. Collegiate relationships with legal colleagues. Increased exposure to court work and advocacy. Exposure to advanced work on client files at an earlier stage of one’s career.

How will working in RRR areas elevate my career?

Being consistently of the best service you can be to clients builds you a reputation in a small town, and, as the saying goes, it’s easier to be a big fish in a small pond. Partnership is going to happen a lot faster.

In which RRR area do you currently work, and how long have you been there?

I practice family law in Cairns. I have worked in Cairns as an admitted solicitor since 1999.

What is your favourite thing about working in a RRR area work-wise? What about in terms of lifestyle?

My favourite thing about working in a RRR area work-wise is the diversity of the client base and the business relationships, both with fellow practitioners and with allied professionals including valuers, accountants and financial planners that lead to more efficient or effective outcomes on client files.

In terms of lifestyle, it is incomparable. Housing in ‘nice’ areas is affordable. Public transport is not needed. It is a clean city. Cairns and surrounds have some of the most beautiful natural attractions – the beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, the islands, the Daintree Rainforest, Mossman Gorge, the Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas, nature hikes, mountain bike riding tracks, etc. 

What three pieces of advice would you give to someone considering working in a RRR area?

If this is planned to be a permanent move, you should consider what family support you will have in the RRR area, whether that is your partner, your family or both. Have the conversation with yourself, what support outside of work do you need? This is going to help you with maintaining good mental health, settling into the new location, making new friends and staying.

Think carefully before making the move, it wouldn’t be good to find yourself in a family law relocation dispute down the track. You should decide on relocating to a firm that will support you to settle in (say with a lighter budget for the first few months and say with making useful introductions to colleagues and allied professionals and say with steering you to join useful local associations and practice groups).

Finally, be the best service you can be to all you come into contact with; and success will follow.